Quarantine Chronicles: Special Edition

Today, I watched along as one of my closest friends married the love of her life, via Facebook live. In the midst of her and her love vowing their hearts and souls to one another, I was overcome with emotion. All of them. I felt the spirits of other brides who are weathering this unprecedented time. They feel disappointed, angry, sad and scared, but they also feel excited, joyous, and hopeful, most of all though they feel love.

During this season I have seen the very best and the very worst in people. I have seen people rally around the good news of perfect strangers; if only to grasp onto a little bit of their hope. I have also seen people heap their anger and fear on to people who are already drowning.

I see my fellow countrymen fighting hard against unification; and I see others who run towards it with open arms. Even if we try to deny it, we can’t ignore the symbiotic relationship we have as a society and our feelings. Like the ones we feel when we are grieving with the families who have lost loved one,s to the novel virus. Or the ones that come up when we are celebrating with others who are bringing life into the world.

Whatever may happen and whatever we may feel, we can rest assured in one universal truth: After all the hurt, and pain, the disappointment, and the fear, after the fighting and the wars, one thing will remain–Love