Quarantine Chronicles: Dating During a Global Pandemic

When I met my partner last September, at Dragon Con in Atlanta, I really wasn’t thinking that less than 7 months later we’d be navigating our relationship and a global pandemic… I mean don’t get me wrong, accepting a swig from his random Pineapple juice bottle filled with (I don’t even know what alcohol) was still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because I really couldn’t imagine going through all this without him.

Nothing with me is ever easy–I understand that–but I mean even for me, this is a little too much. I’m sure he wouldn’t have ever imagined that our first time living together would include my heightened anxiety, my dog and oh, my mother. Yes. you read that correctly, we are living together, with my mom. Clearly, not an ideal situation, but supposedly better than us being hundreds of miles apart, not knowing when we’d see each other again.

Did I forget to mention we’ve been long distance this whole time?

Throughout history, there have been countless love stories told about couples who overcome the world just for a few moments of peace between them. I’m not gonna say we are on their level or anything, but again: Global pandemic, living with my mother, less than 7 months.

This man must really love me to put up with this shit. Love still conquers all right?

I’m hoping that as time goes on, this will be just another interesting addition to our quirky love story. And look, I do understand that things could be much much worse. We could have kids (shudder), or be states apart from each other, or sick and quarantined separately. So in the grand scheme of things we are relatively lucky.

What’s funny is that I used to read and daydream about the kind of love that would prevail through the hardest and darkest of times. The kind of love that enveloped you fully in order to shield you from the storms of the world. I just didn’t know that would look like turning old childhood movies into drinking games, baking cakes at midnight and using the different floors of my house as “alone time”.

Yet, here we are, prevailing and enveloping through the crisis and the crazy– just in a more 21st Century way… Also, don’t forget to be kind to one another, and if you’re lucky enough to have your loved one with you during this tumultuous time, try not to kill each other!



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