Great, a Zit: Tips for Dealing with Acne

We’ve all been there: You wake up one morning full of hope and promise and then *boom* you just happen to glance in the mirror and see a zit the size of Mt. Everest right in the middle of your face. You’re convinced that everyone can see it and the more you stare at it the angrier it seems to get.

Now what?

Just like they teach you in any emergency training the first thing to remember is don’t panic! I can almost guarantee that you are the only one who thinks you have a second face growing.

The second thing to NOT do is try and pop it. I promise you, no matter what anyone says (looking at you mom) the worst thing you can do for your skin is try and pop a pimple. All you’re going to accomplish is making your skin angrier and leaving room for the possibility of infection or even scarring. Just don’t do it.

Ok, now that I’ve told you what not to do, let’s get to some things you can do to help your skin while it’s hosting zitfest:

First things first, you gotta help open up your pores and get your skin calmed down. The best way to do this is by pressing a warm cloth over your face or in sitting in some steam. This will open your pores and make any cream or treatments you put on your skin more effective.

Next apply your favorite treatment onto the pimple or breakout area. Then leave it. Yes, leave it alone. Let the medication have time to do it’s thing without competing with anything else.

If you need a quick fix, the next two products are my go-to’s, with images below!

One of my favorite spot treatments is Glossier’s Zit Stick. This thing has saved my face on more than one occasion. Just a quick dab over the affected area, wait three hours and you’ll see a genuine difference in size! After 24-hours it’s almost as if nothing was ever there.

If you’re in a bind and have to be out in the world before your skin has time to calm down, I highly recommend not using heavy makeup to try and cover it up. If you feel like you absolutely must cover it, try using a concealer like Almay’s Clear Complexion Concealer with salicylic acid. This works wonders for covering up while also targeting medication directly onto the pimple. It’s fragrance free and hypoallergenic and only $7 so not even your bank account will be irritated.

Finally, remember that your worth is not determined by your skin. Or your weight. Or your bank account. Or your followers. You have been intrinsically given worth by a Creator. No one can take it away. So on days when you feel like you don’t matter remember this:

You do matter, regardless of what your skin is doing that day


*Note: I do not, nor have I ever had, cystic acne. What I’m talking about today are the random breakouts and/or hell zits that pops up. If you are struggling with cystic or constant acne, I encourage you to reach out to a dermatologist. They are going to be the experts and can help you find a regimen or treatment that can help you. Remember I’m not an expert, just a friend who’s spent way too much money on skincare.

3 thoughts on “Great, a Zit: Tips for Dealing with Acne

  1. I often had breakouts as a teenager and my early 20’s. I’m almost 40 and I’ve finally stopped having breakouts. It was so hard not to pop that zit that looked ready to pop but when I did it left a scar. I finally learned that wasn’t the way to go. Thanks for sharing these tips 🌻


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