6 Things You Can’t Travel Without

Traveling is stressful. It’s stressful for your mind, body even soul. And it’s definitely stressful for your skin. Between airplane dryness and being introduced into different climates, it’s hard for your skin to keep up.

One of the biggest things to help with travel-stressed skin is drinking water. I know, too simple, right? Well a lot of us, myself included, decide that vacation time means all sodas/coffee/alcohol all the time. In other words, in addition to your schedule changing, your diet does too. And that can lend itself to random breakouts and the general unhappiness of your skin.

In addition to making sure you’re drinking extra water, keeping up with your regular day and night time skin routines is paramount. I get that it’s hard enough to take your makeup off after a night out, much less while you’re on vacation time, but trust me if you will keep yourself disciplined with your skin, you will never regret it!

Different types of travel come with their own obstacles, but these next few items are must-haves for any vaca:

What You’ll Need…


For makeup….