Left To Say

Silence surrounds us now.

Where once words gushed through our mouths,

flowing one on top of another,

to be heard,

to be understood.

We wish we could unhear,

wish we could go back to being dumb,

as now we are mute.

What’s there left to say?

What’s there left to know?

Are words even necessary now?

 I knew what you meant,

when you softly,

pushed me away,

after our last kiss.

When you walked away,

without looking back.

Your actions left a casm,

but I guess,

that was the point.

Not to hurt me,

no, that’s not you.

But to show me,

what you meant.

To make me,

truly understand.

What’s there left to say?



Maybe one day,

I’ll tell you my stories again,

and you’ll do the same.

Until then,

I’ll wait,

and I’ll write.

In the day that we,

are no longer mute,

are no longer dumb,

when we wish to hear,

when we ache to understand,

what will,

be left to say?

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