This week I decided to share a little something–kind of like a poem– I wrote!


As I look,

What do I see?

Darkness is too simple a word.

It’s more liken to,

the depths of all blackness.

I’m at the bottom of a great cavern,

where no light can penetrate.

I turn and I spin,

but I only add to my confusion.

Am I alone here?

Do I have others who too feel,

The crushing weight of their “potential”?

Were they also,

destined for greatness,

only to find themselves,

completely devoid of direction?

Will we find our way?

Is there some,

master compass for life?

Disguised as a God, or a job,

or even love.

Will I know,

when it’s placed in my hands?

The light,

will I see it coming,

as I climb.

Or will one day,

I look around,

and no longer see darkness?

Will I see myself found?

Or will I,

just know.


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