The 67%

According to a recent online poll I read somewhere, 67% of recent college grads don’t have a full-time job lined up for right after graduation. For once in my life, I’m a majority. So why is that every time I log onto Facebook, or Instagram, or even Snapchat I’m stuck having to click a half-hearted “like” on someone’s new job post??

Doesn’t everyone know that we’re all supposed to be living at home, watching Rick and Morty and pretending that adulthood is just a myth made up by our parents to scare us into going to college? Oh, just me, cool.

The more I ferociously check finstas and late night Snapchat stories reach out and talk to people, the more I realize how many of us are in the same boat. But we’re too embarrassed to share. We’re a generation that has been spoon-fed SAT prep questions since before we even knew what prestigious, $20,000 a year kindergarten we were going to.

Failure was never an option. We did everything right; the AP classes, hounding our favorite teachers for letters of rec, agonizing over scholarships and scrutinizing every college by their rankings and their endowment funds. Yet, no one ever really prepared us for what came next.

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When all the caffeine, adderall, shock of getting really bad grades for the first time and realization that maybe college wasn’t the best four years of our lives wears off, what are we left with? When that glow, from actually walking across that stage to get the holder for our $250,000 piece of paper, starts to dim, how are we going to handle it?

Some choose to ignore it and bury themselves in “traveling to figure out who they are” (have done, 10/10 would recommend), others jump head first into the deep, dark world of job hunting and others still fall into a pretty dark place. My hope is that you understand that you are not a failure. Your employment status, or lack thereof, does not define who you are. Your worth is not based on your accomplishments–it just is. You are worthy because you are.

Maybe it wasn’t a job. Maybe it was a graduate program, or Med school or even Law school. Maybe it was a fellowship or internship. Maybe it was a dream. Whatever it was that you feel like you didn’t measure up to, just know that there’s still time. The world really is your oyster. All that matters now is what you’re going to do with it.

If you couldn’t already tell, honesty is my thing. I’m not gonna lie about where I’m at in life and neither should you–Spoiler Alert: I have no idea where I am or what I’m doing. So I’m not going to waste my time or yours not being myself. Hopefully we can just figure this adulting thing out together.

I’m not here to give you all the answers about post-grad life, living at home or even writing, but maybe I can just give you some funny anecdotes to lighten the mood a little, a few cautionary tales and the mercy stick you need to be giving yourself. Just know, you got this!

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Happy (job) hunting,


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